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About Us

We are a licensed family accounting company with 15 years experience in various business sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, construction, real estate transactions and various other services. We have higher education in accounting and finance, 10 years work experience in the State Revenue Service. Our core values are professionalism, confidentiality, loyalty, high sense of responsibility and individual approach to each client. An essential part is our personal and professional development, which allows to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions for your business. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and provide the necessary support.

What We Do

We offer reliable and professional accounting services for various companies. Our priority is to deal effectively and efficiently with all accounting related issues. We ensure regular preservation of accounting information, which guarantees the security and availability of your data at any time. Nowadays, where technology plays an essential role in our everyday life, we also provide remote accounting services. We have a wide experience in complex, atypical and international transactions. We are competent in cooperation with the auditors and the State Revenue Service. We communicate with our clients in Latvian, Russian and English. 

Full Cycle Accounting

Steps in Accounting Cycle: 

  • Elaboration of accounting policy
  • Calculation of salaries
  • Accounting for long-term investments and fixed assets
  • Bank and cash operations
  • Advance transactions 
  • Debtors and creditors 
  • Preparation and submission of tax reports to the State Revenue Service
  • Annual reports   
  • Tax consultations

Representation of Clients in Financial Institutions

  • Information preparation and submission upon request of the State Revenue Service
  • Representation of clients in tax thematic inspections and audits of the State Revenue Service
  • Cooperation with auditors in the approval of annual accounts

Registration of Companies in Latvia

Steps to successful business – what, when and how?

  • Business development, growth and expansion strategies for startups
  • Advising on most appropriate form of economic activity and tax regime
  • Document preparation and submission for registration of new companies in the Enterprise Register of Latvia

Member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

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Feel free to drop a message to your accountant on WhatsApp. Call whenever you need to. See you for a cup of coffee. We are always here to help.


We are flexible and organised for work remotely.


We communicate with our clients in Latvian, Russian and English.

SRS Licensed Company

We are a State Revenue Service licensed accounting company.


Our experieced accountants will provide you the required support and advice in your business management. We will take care of your accounting so that you can focus on what you do best - develop your business.

Cost Savings

Our customised service package will allow you to monitor your finances more effectively. We will save your time, effort and cost.

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